Are we at KU subscribed to the Oil&Gas Journal? Please let me know.


Good Evening,

Sorry the title you are asking about we don't have but we have subscriptions for other journals that are related to oil and gas

such as: 

Oil & chemical pollution (0269-8579)
from 1986 to 1990 in Backfile Package - Environmental Science including Supplement 1 (2006) [YUV]
in Environment Complete
Oil and gas facilities (2224-4514)
from 2012 to present in OnePetro
Oil & gas investor (0744-5881)
from 05/01/2007 to 06/30/2009 in Energy & Power Source
Oil and gas investor this week (1940-5189)
from 05/07/2007 to 06/28/2010 in Energy & Power Source
Oil and gas investor's A & D watch (1940-8471)
from 05/01/2007 to 01/31/2010 in Energy & Power Source
Oil & gas journal (0030-1388)
from 01/01/1990 to present in Single Journals
in PI Library print journals
Oil & gas news (Amman, Jordan)
in PI Library print journals and Single Journals
Oil & gas product news (1482-468X)
from 11/01/2013 to present in Energy & Power Source
Oil & gas science and technology (1294-4475)
from 1997 to present in Directory of Open Access Journals
Oil and oil service monthly
from 04/18/1991 to 07/05/1991 in Energy & Power Source
Oil & petrochemical pollution (0143-7127)
from 1982 to 1985 in Backfile Package - Environmental Science including Supplement 1 (2006) [YUV]
in Environment Complete
Oil, gas (0342-5622)
in PI Library print journals
Oil, gas & petrochem equipment (0030-1353)
from 01/01/2012 to present in Energy & Power Source
Oil, gas, coal and electricity quarterly statistics = Statistiques trimestrielles électricité, charbon, gaz et pétrole (1025-9988)
from 07/01/2002 to 10/31/2005 in Energy & Power Source
Oil sands report
from 01/01/2011 to present in Energy & Power Source
Oil shale (Tallinn, Estonia : 1984) (0208-189X)
from 01/01/2003 to present in Energy & Power Source
Oil spill intelligence report (0195-3524)
from 08/07/2003 to present in Academic Search Complete and Energy & Power Source
in Environment Complete

Hope this information is useful to you.

If not; please do not hesitate to contact us

Best regards

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